Stay Safe: Being Prepared for a Tornado

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wow. This post is a hard one for multiple reasons. Last year I wrote an upbeat and cute post on emergency preparedness and how to not end up on tv looking like a hot mess.... which stems from me usually being in my pajamas or some unattractive get up as we all run into the shelter. It is a cute way to approach a very very serious subject, but this year is different.

We live in Moore, Oklahoma. My children go to Moore schools... schools that were damaged by the May tornados last year. Each morning we pass the neighborhoods that had rows and rows of houses ripped from their foundations. Our local park and playground completely gone and the slow rebuilding of buildings and back half of the school.

My husband and I were in London last year when the tornado hit, with our kids safely in Florida with family. We sat glued to the TV for hours, watching CNN and checking Facebook to check on our friends. Watching and crying as the news crews panned over hospitals blown away with cars stacked to the top of the two story building of now rubble. It looked like a war zone. We came back in June to check on our house being rented by friends and the damage: new roof and garage doors... and to also start the building of a new home.

I took these photos that day. I stood in the middle of the street crying while taking them. Possessions are just "things"... but the memories and love that a house held is heart wrenching when you see it all laying in a pile of mud covered rubble. Massive destruction that happened in the blink of an eye.

Today I am sharing a checklist that helps me to get our shelter ready each year and keep our important contacts and information together. We have our first possible tornado day today, so we are standing by to see what mother nature decides to throw at us.  I hope that it is a low key year.

Click HERE to download your checklist. Remember to download your pdf file before printing.
Disclaimer: I'm just a girl who has try to get a little smarter on being safe in a tornado... but here are a few tips.

Be smart... stay safe
We have an underground shelter in Oklahoma, but you can also rush into the basement or most center part of your house, preferably a closet, bathroom, small utility room, or under a staircase.  You want to put as many studs and pieces of wood between you and the elements.  You will also want to cover your head with something protective, like a mattress or bicycle helmets.  If you find yourself outside, they have said that you should stay in your car.  Do NOT hide under an overpass, get as low to the ground in a ditch and cover your head if possible.  If you have a shelter, many city and county agencies will let you register your shelter. This helps the police and rescue locate you faster in case of a disaster.

I hope that you find this printable helpful for all of your emergency preparedness. Have a wonderful week!!


  1. I love this post! I live in Norman and work right off 35 near Tecumseh road
    This really hit home for me! I'm so happy your family was safe but I couldn't imagine being so far away! Definitely going to print this check list out.!

    Treadway Made

    1. haha so you work in my backyard almost then :) Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. I bought my poopy bags at wal-mart last week haha. It never fails, as soon as we get down there a kid has to go to the bathroom and they thinks it's awesome that Mom has these special bags and a bucket just for that scenario!! Hope that we all stay save this May.


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