My 100 Little Things List for 2014

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments and Pinterest pins of my 100 Little Things Printable. I've been asked to share my list of 100 things for the year, so here it goes...

I don't overthink these. I'm sure that there are more meaningful or profound things that I should be thinking of, but if I achieve these... well then I'll have gotten quite a lot done. Click HERE to read all about my list of Little Things and to download your printable.

Like I said these are meant to be encouraging and uplifting little goals for your year. No stress, no overthinking allowed! 
  1. Fill out my Lara Casey Powersheets for 2014
  2. Get awesome head shots
  3. Pray nightly for a month
  4. Travel to Ireland
  5. Wear a bikini
  6. Take my photography business to the next level
  7. Stick to a cash only budget for one month
  8. Take more videos of the kids
  9. Go camping
  10. Go to Turner Falls
  11. Date night once a month
  12. Family game night once a month
  13. Have Gingerbread House making party
  14. Family Halloween Costumes
  15. Set up a family trust
  16. Ride the Heartland Flyer
  17. Get caught up on our photo books
  18. Learn to french braid
  19. No fast food for one month
  20. Learn one song on the guitar
  21. Run a mud race
  22. Run OKC Half Marathon
  23. Send handwritten letters to three friends
  24. Unsubscribe to annoying emails
  25. Design a couple t-shirts
  26. Take a cooking class
  27. Be the designer that I want to be
  28. Wear jewelry more often
  29. Fancy hair each day for a week
  30. Weigh 135
  31. Spend whole day in bed watching movies
  32. Go on photography walks
  33. Pole dancing classes
  34. Skate again
  35. Go to a Thunder game
  36. Take the kids to NYC to see WTC
  37. Be a persons secret pal without them knowing
  38. Candlelight dinner
  39. Get all meals ready on Sunday for a month
  40. Run in a Turkey Trot
  41. Decorate the new house simply and beautiful
  42. Send b-day cards to family and friends
  43. Go to a Fall pumpkin patch
  44. Go to Christmas tree farm
  45. Start Christmas fund jar
  46. Start decorating fund jar
  47. Build a photo backdrop and floor set for the house
  48. Make an Oklahoma passport book of places for the family
  49. Do family pictures
  50. Take photos of hot air balloons
  51. Find peace
  52. Grow veggies and fruits in raised beds
  53. Volunteer with the kids
  54. Buy an old car and fix it up (manual transmission)
  55. Visit 5 Oklahoma towns
  56. Go to the Texas flea market
  57. Go on fall scenic drive
  58. Get facial/massage
  59. Go to the drive-in
  60. Buy a pretty outfit when I loose 10lbs
  61. Build a fort
  62. Make awesome cakes for b-days
  63. Make a blurb book
  64. Photograph same scene in all four seasons
  65. Teach K to sew
  66. Teach E to take photos
  67. Ride 4-wheelers at sand dunes
  68. Drive Route 66
  69. Get a dog
  70. Make 5 new friends
  71. Go to OKC farmers market
  72. Build fire pit
  73. Make smores
  74. New sheets/comfy bed linens
  75. Visit dermatologists
  76. Floss daily for one month
  77. Make a quilt out of the kid's baby clothes
  78. Go to music concert
  79. Go country dancing
  80. Get away to a cabin in the woods
  81. Host game nights
  82. Get concealed weapons permit
  83. Compliment strangers who might need a little boost
  84. Kate Spade sexy shoes
  85. Get in awesome shape
  86. Blog 6 times a month
  87. Go to a blogger conference
  88. Stay above the 3.9 average
  89. I still have a few more to fill out... but I still have a couple days, right ?!!
I hope that some of these help you fill out your list of 100 things :) Feel free to share a link to your list in the comments below. We would all love to be inspired by your lists as well!!


  1. I like so many of these! :) Also, I'm right there with you on numbers 5, 18 and 75! Not so much on numbers 22, 81, or 4 (only because I just went this April). I'm going to have to think of 100 of my own! :)

    1. Oh Diane, we went to Ireland for our honeymoon and I would love to go back. I have to clarify the concealed weapons permit. We are out in the country. I never intend on carrying a gun, but if I need to I want to know all of the legal laws and how to use my fun correctly. I've had someone try to break into my house when I was alone with the kids... So I want to know that I know how to protect myself if it's ever needed. You can do the marathon!!

    2. Eek! Definitely scary situation, and props to you for responsibly having your fun. I sound like an alcohol commercial... :)

      Also, you were featured on this week's Do Tell Tuesday! Feel free to grab a button and link up this week too. :)

      Diane @ Vintage Zest

  2. What a great list. I would love to learn a song on the guitar but have to learn the guitar first. I love your blog and your photography. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Sami! What sweet comments. I need to learn to play too ;)

  3. You have some seriously great to do on your list for this year! I think I'm going to steal some for myself!

    1. Thank you Amy! Now I have to get to making them happen :)

  4. Michelle,

    This is a great list! I want to do many of these things too. Have you been to a blogging conference? I won a ticket to Blended in Arizona, but I ended up not going because I got stuck with the kids. Thus is army life. :)

    - Erin

    1. Erin, I haven't been to a conference. I'm not sure which one to go to and... I worry about the same thing happening. A last minute deployment or sick kiddos to keep me from going. But I really really want to go to one. Maybe we should find an awesome one and meet up :) An Oklahoma/Texas one would be great!!

  5. What a fun list! It's like a bucket list for the year!

    1. Thank you Maryanne! I hope you have a great year of bucket list items.


  6. Great project !!

    I would love you to come and share @ Craft, Create & Inspire linky party !!!

    Look forward to seeing you there :)

    Claire x

  7. This is so great, Michelle. I share a lot of these goals with you, but I think the one I'm loving most is spending a whole day in bed watching movies haha! That would be a most perfect day for me <3.
    And pole dancing is an *excellent* activity not only for how much fun it is, but for how fit it makes you. My close friend is a pole dancing instructor and it's such an incredible art.

  8. I love, love, love this list Michelle! Make a quilt of baby clothes is definitely on my list this year! They are just sitting in a bag waiting for me. Thanks for being so inspiring! Happy New Year!


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